Update #6 | Steam Hammer Game

Update #6


Update #6

Welcome to yet another update! This one will be shorter, and we’d like to focus on an idea we’re working on. We have just three days left before the end of the campaign, so we need you now more than ever!

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Small airship

Think of small and large airships as the destroyers and battleships, respectively, of the sky. The big airships are armored fortresses bristling with main battery guns, while their smaller cousins are fast, maneuverable, and cheap. That makes them important components of your aerial strategy: if you see an enemy squadron bearing down on you, just throw up a couple small airships to intercept and slow them down. They’re also perfect for reconnaissance missions, outrunning pursuers, taking you to remote mineral deposits, and waltzing off for an afternoon picnic on a picturesque island (there’s no point powering up a big airship just for that!). Don’t forget that small airships can play a combat role as well. They may only have one turret, but they can drop off a landing party to take over an enemy fortress or team up to take down one of their big brothers.

Finally, here are the next newspaper releases from the Steam Hammer world for you to enjoy.



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